For years now, you have been hearing dentists, periodontists and other dental health practitioners tout the advantages offered by dental implants. It is no secret that tooth loss has become an epidemic in America, with the American College of Prosthodontists estimating over 178 million people to be missing at least one tooth. Yet there are methods available other than dental implants to help address this problem. Why, then, should you still consider implants when other methods are often less expensive?

The answer is simple: while other treatments do offer singular benefits, none can combine them in the way that dental implants can. Aside from filling in the gaps in your smile, implants actually promote healthy bone development. If your jawbone has nothing to support, it eventually begins to deteriorate. Inserting a titanium implant helps to curtail that deterioration and spark new bone growth, which helps to keep tooth loss from altering your outward facial appearance.

Helping You to Feel Whole Again

Yet just as important as the physical benefits offered by dental implants are the emotional ones. These include:

·         Security: Even with the strongest of adhesives, dentures and other tooth replacement devices cannot remain adhered to your gums at all times. This may alter your dietary choices and even your speaking patterns, as you would not want to go through the potential embarrassment of having your teeth slide out while around others. Because implants remain permanently affixed, you can feel secure in knowing that such a compromising scenario could not happen.

· Confidence: Insecurities over missing teeth or the appearance of tooth replacement devices can often keep you from approaching others and showing them your smile. Implants are designed to look and feel just like normal teeth, and with the right care, can appear just as good. Thus, once you have implants, you’ll also have the confidence to share your smile once again.

·         Outlook: Having added confidence and feeling secure in your daily routine helps to improve your overall outlook on life. With new and improved oral health you may find yourself wanting to improve upon other areas of your physical well-being.

Who would not want to enjoy the benefits of a full healthy set of teeth once again? Dental implants offer you just that without the hassles associated with other treatments. To discuss your candidacy for dental implant placement, call and schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Burke , cosmetic dentist in Concord, CA right away.