Just like icebergs in the ocean, there is a lot more to your teeth than what can be seen on the surface. Inside each tooth is a canal that is filled with blood vessels and sensitive nerve tissue. When the canal of the tooth becomes infected with bacteria, a root canal is usually needed to clean out the area and fill it in with an inert material. 


Thankfully, if you receive regular care from your general dentist, you likely won't need a root canal. However, if you have missed an appointment or two, or if a tooth has cracked and allowed bacteria to enter the inside, the root may need to be cleaned out in order to avoid further inflammation and pain. Here are the top signs that may indicate you need a root canal.


Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

The pain from an infected tooth root is typically quite severe and will most likely interfere with your daily activities. You may also find that the affected tooth is more sensitive to everything, including temperature changes and pressure.


Darkened Tooth

A bacterial infection within the tooth can cause portions of the tooth to become darkened in color. If you notice a darkened area on any of your teeth, it could be due to a simple cavity, or it could be due to an infection within the canal of the tooth.


Swelling or Tenderness in the Gums

Frequently, an infection within the root of the tooth will cause the gums in the area to become swollen and tender. Pus may also start to leak from the gums around the infected tooth.


When to Ask About Treatment

If you experience any of the common symptoms listed above, it’s time to ask about root canal treatments. Dr. Darryl Burke is a highly experienced general dentist in Concord, CA, who has performed many root canals and can help relieve your symptoms. To schedule your appointment, contact Burke Dental and Implants during regular business hours.