On May 31st, the world will come together to observe World No Tobacco Day. The World Health Organization has made an effort to address the issues that tobacco presents in developing countries, such as the negative impact that tobacco has on the health and financial stability of people around the world. Here at our offices, Dr. Darryl Burke, a dentist in Concord, CA committed to this anti-tobacco campaign, is determined to spread the word about the consequences of smoking. It is common knowledge that quitting smoking can help lower your risk of developing lung cancer, diabetes or heart disease. We are also determined to spread the word about the way smoking affects your teeth and oral health and are dedicated to providing treatment options, such as teeth whitening and periodontal maintenance, to people who have been impacted by smoking. Here are some reasons why you should quit your habit this May.   

Discoloration and Staining

People with a regular smoking habit tend to have significant discoloration or yellowing across their teeth. The reason why the staining is so intense is due to the combination of nicotine and tar in cigarettes. Over time, the stains become harder to remove as toxins from tobacco break down the teeth’s enamel. The good news is that quitting can help you stop this damaging process. Dr. Burke can help you remove the stains with a custom whitening treatment.

Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

Another reason you should quit smoking relates to gum disease. Smokers are more likely to have large amounts of bacteria sitting in their mouth, which leads to developing gum disease. Over time this problem can create optimal conditions for infection and tooth loss inside of your mouth.

Contact our office today if you want to see how Dr. Burke can help you repair the damage smoking has done to your teeth. We can give you a variety of treatment options to get your smile looking beautiful once again!