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Crowns and Bridges Preserve Your Smile

Natural wear and tear, cavities and even trauma can permanently change the structure of your teeth. While Dr. Burke and his team will do everything possible to save your natural teeth, sometimes you need more extensive work done. In these cases, dental crowns and bridges in Concord, CA are a cost-effective choice to help restore damaged teeth or even replace missing ones. At Oral Aesthetics and Implants, our dentist is skilled at delivering these treatments. They are fabricated out of porcelain or zirconia, blending seamlessly with your existing teeth. Both crowns and bridges allow you to eat a varied diet with comfort and not have to worry about a compromised bite.

At Dr. Darryl Burke, DDS Oral Aesthetics and Implants our dentist and dental team are skilled in these restorative treatments and have the artistic eye to provide aesthetically attractive outcomes, as well as returning function to your tooth.

Dental Crowns Repair a Damaged Tooth

A crown is a “tooth cap” that Dr. Burke places on the top of a modified tooth. These restorations are useful when large portions of a tooth need to be removed, or when an existing large filling can’t be repaired. A dental crown can also restore the function and structure of a tooth after a root canal. Additionally, if veneers aren’t a good option for restoring stained or discolored teeth, we may recommend a crown in Concord, CA. To prepare your mouth, Dr. Burke will file down your tooth along the top and sides, making room for the tooth crown. He’ll then take digital scans of the tooth and send these to a dental lab to custom-fabricate the restoration. You’ll wear a temporary restoration made of resin while you wait to be fitted for the final porcelain crown.

The Many Benefits of a Dental Crown

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Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

If you have a missing tooth, the teeth near the gap will slowly begin to shift, causing misalignment and malocclusion (a bad bite). This can place undue stress on your teeth and jaw, and long-term pain and damage. Missing teeth can also lead to bone loss and facial changes. A dental bridge is a natural-looking alternative to dental implants that can replace one or two missing teeth. Dental bridges have one or two pontic (false) teeth in the center, and Dr. Burke cements them to crowned surrounding (abutment) teeth on either side of the gap. Preparing for a bridge is similar to getting crowns. Dr. Burke will take scans and impressions and send them to the dental lab. Not only does a bridge restore oral function after losing a tooth, it prevents your teeth from shifting and eliminates gaps in your teeth.

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Lowering the Cost of Crowns and Bridges

Oral Aesthetics and Implants offers highly competitive pricing for dental crowns and bridges in Concord, CA. In most cases, your dental insurance provider will cover bridges and crowns at least partially, although the amount you pay will depend on your individual policy and deductibles. Before you choose a dental bridge or crown, we can consult with your insurance company to determine your coverage, allowing you to make an informed decision. We also offer a variety of third-party financing options to help you afford the remaining costs. The restored long-term function and aesthetics you can get from these treatments makes them worth it in nearly all cases!

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