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Restore Your Teeth Pain-Free with Snap-On Smile®

Do you have stains, chips or cracks in your teeth, or are you even missing teeth? Do you need cosmetic dentistry but don’t have the time for a series of long appointments? Are you anxious around needles or dental drills? If so, you may benefit from getting a Snap-On Smile in Concord, CA.

With this revolutionary form of dental restoration, Dr. Burke is able to provide you with a fully removable, custom-made dental arch in as few as two visits. This technology can be used in place of veneers, bridges, or even dental implants!

On your first visit, Dr. Burke will take detailed impressions of your mouth. He’ll then send these to a laboratory that will custom-manufacture your new snap-on teeth. When you come back (usually within a few weeks), you will verify the appearance and fit of your new prosthetic.

At Dr. Darryl Burke, DDS Oral Aesthetics and Implants we offer high-quality, yet affordable denture solutions and are in network with many leading insurance companies.

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Who Uses Snap-On Smile?

Many of our patients who need cosmetic dentistry can benefit from getting snap-on teeth. These restorations can be used for:

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Clip-On Teeth or Dental Implants?

Dr. Burke is skilled at providing a variety of dental restorations in Concord, CA, and Snap-On Smile is only part of what he offers! These snap-on teeth restorations can quickly bring a new smile to your face, but you should still be aware of your other options.

Snap-On Smile restorations can last three to five years with proper care and maintenance, but you will eventually need to have them replaced. In addition, it’s a good idea to avoid particularly tough or sticky foods (such as chewing gum) while you are wearing them. That said, Snap-On Smile restorations are a lower-cost, non-invasive alternative to dental implants and many of Dr. Burke’s patients prefer them.

For a more permanent way of restoring missing or failing teeth, we often recommend dental implants instead. While these restorations may come with a higher initial price tag, you can eat an unlimited diet with them, and they last a lifetime.

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