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Healthy Gums Mean Healthy Teeth

Teeth may be the stars of the show when it comes to oral health care, but periodontal disease (or gum disease) is actually the most common dental issue in the United States. It impacts more than 70% of Americans over age 65. Age isn’t the only factor, either. Other contributors to periodontal disease include poor nutrition and/or oral hygiene, genetics, stress, tobacco use, teeth clenching (bruxism) and some systemic diseases (such as diabetes). Gum disease is caused by bacterial plaque and the toxins it creates, which can turn into tartar (calculus) if not removed. Early-stage periodontal disease (which is called gingivitis) can cause bleeding gums, gum infection and inflammation. If your gum disease progresses, you may develop an advanced form of the disease called periodontitis. This advanced form of gum disease can cause periodontal pockets and eventual tooth loss. 

If you do require gum disease treatment in Concord, CA we’re the team to trust.

At Oral Aesthetics and Implants, Dr. Burke believes in the role of early detection and treatment when it comes to preventive dentistry. If you have red, swollen or tender gums, or you bleed in the sink when you brush your teeth, we encourage you to schedule gum disease treatment in Concord, CA. We partner with a variety of dental insurance providers and offer third-party financing options so that deductibles and co-pays aren’t a barrier to your oral health.

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The Warning Signs of Gum Disease

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Specialized Periodontal Disease Treatment

The good news is that you can prevent and even reverse gum disease in its early stages! Every time you visit Dr. Burke for your biannual exam and cleaning, he performs a gum screening to ensure that your gums are healthy. If you do have signs of periodontal disease, we offer a full suite of treatments targeting at stopping it in its tracks. These range from early-stage gingivitis treatment in Concord, CA to advanced-stage periodontitis treatment. We even offer a variety of sedation dentistry options to ensure your comfort throughout the process. With regular care, maintenance and good oral health habits, gum disease doesn’t have to damage your smile!

Gum Disease Treatments We Offer

The first stage line of gum disease treatment is a procedure called scaling and root planing. This deep cleaning focuses specifically on your tooth roots and gums. Dr. Burke will remove any bacteria and plaque from your gumline, then gently smooth out the roots of your teeth. This lowers the risk of reinfection and the likelihood that plaque and bacteria will regrow.

In osseous surgery, Dr. Burke will apply local anesthesia as well as sedation if you wish. He will then make an incision at your gumline, folding back the gums to remove bacteria. If any of the bone is damaged or misshapen, smoothing it out reduces the risk of further bacterial growth.

During a gingivectomy, Dr. Burke removes and/or reshapes diseased gum tissue to eliminate deep pockets. Gingivectomies are usually performed before gum disease has damaged the bone surrounding your teeth. Removing the pocket gives our dentist greater access to the tooth roots. Gingivectomies can also be used as a cosmetic dentistry procedure to reshape your gums and help place restorations.

Scaling and root planing is only the beginning! Without regular care and maintenance, bacterial growth can cause gum disease to recur. We recommend getting deep cleanings every three to four months to help keep your gums and teeth healthy. The severity of your gum disease will determine how often you’ll need maintenance done.

Don’t Let Your Gum Disease Get Worse.

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