Get a Healthier Smile with a None Graft in Concord, CA.  

Whether you require a bone graft for dental implants or want to preserve your appearance, we provide the treatment you need.

Bone density is necessary to protect your appearance as well as your oral health. When you lose a tooth to injury or gum disease, it begins a cycle of attrition, causing the bone that surrounded the tooth to deteriorate. To correct many of the negative effects of this natural process, Dr. Darryl Burke can perform a bone graft in Concord, CA. Bone grafts allow you to: improve bone density and volume, increase the success rate of dental implants, preserve the underlying bone that makes up your facial structure and protect overall oral health.

What Is a Bone Graft?

A bone graft is a procedure performed to increase the amount of bone in an area. Dr. Darryl will take bone from a donor site, such as the chin, and transfer it to the treatment site. Grafting materials may also be obtained from a bone bank for patients that do not have sufficient bone volume for donation. Dr. Darryl will place the grafting materials at the treatment site and attach them with titanium screws – the same type used for dental implants, which are both durable and completely compatible with your body. Over time, the grafting materials integrate with the existing bone, delivering healthier bone volume levels.

Bone grafts are commonly performed before dental implants are placed because implants require a certain amount of healthy bone for successful integration. The healing process can take up to nine months, so Dr. Darryl may have you schedule bone grafting far in advance of placing your dental implants.

​If you have suffered bone loss, especially if considering dental implants, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Darryl Burke to learn whether you are a good candidate for a bone graft in Concord, CA.

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