Get the Brilliant, Healthy Smile You Deserve with Full Mouth Reconstruction 

We can rebuild your smile with a smile makeover in Concord, CA.

Have gum disease, tooth decay, or another oral condition damaged your smile? You may be an excellent candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. Whether you have experienced damage to the teeth, gums, or bone, Dr. Darryl Burke can restore your oral health with a smile makeover in Concord, CA. How does full mouth reconstruction differ from traditional cosmetic dentistry? While many of the treatments utilized are cosmetic dentistry procedures, full mouth reconstruction is far more extensive and will address issues of function and health, such as: gum disease, missing teeth, tooth decay, fractured or worn teeth, gum recession, bone loss, misaligned bite and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD).


Smiles and Confidence!

You can have a gorgeous, healthy smile. Full mouth reconstruction treats disease and decay, rebuilds the foundation of your smile, and then improves appearance. Treatments are typically performed in phases and Dr. Darryl will discuss all of your options with you, crafting a customized treatment plan so that you always know what to expect from your smile makeover in Concord, CA. He will perform a comprehensive examination to assess the condition of your teeth, periodontal tissue, bone, and jaw.

Often, these procedures would require you to visit several specialists, but Dr. Darryl has the expertise to perform them, making treatment more convenient for you.

Schedule your full mouth reconstruction consultation with Dr. Darryl Burke to learn more. He is an experienced cosmetic and implant dentist who can restore the beauty of your smile or give you a more brilliant, healthy smile than you have ever had before.


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