You Can Have a Brand New Smile in a Single Day with Teeth-In-a-Day®!

​We can replace missing teeth more securely with dental implants in Concord, CA.

If you have missing teeth, you understand how difficult it is to live with tooth loss. From the embarrassment of a changing appearance to the inability to chew foods properly, having gaps in your teeth can affect more than your smile. Dr. Darryl Burke recommends that you replace missing teeth immediately after loss or extraction. That is why we offer several methods of tooth replacement, including traditional dental implants, implant supported dentures, and Teeth-In-a-Day® dental implants in Concord, CA. Teeth-In-a-Day® dental implants allow us to place your new teeth with no waiting period. Benefits of this treatment include:, permanent, secure replacement of missing teeth, restored ability to chew and speak properly, eat your favorite foods again without the diet restrictions of dentures, immediate tooth replacement without the waiting periods of traditional dental implants, implant posts protect bone health by simulating the function of a tooth root.

How Teeth-In-a-Day® Can Replace Your Missing Teeth

With this method, Dr. Darryl will strategically place titanium implant posts in your jaw. These implants will provide a secure base for your custom prosthesis. Typically, dental implants take several months to heal, but the Teeth-In-a-Day® protocol allows Dr. Darryl to immediately place your prosthesis so that you never have to suffer with missing teeth.

Teeth-In-a-Day® dental implants, unlike traditional implants, can be placed even in patients who have suffered bone loss and therefore, do not typically require grafting procedures. This makes it an excellent solution for those who want to replace missing teeth quickly.​

Schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Darryl Burke to learn more about Teeth-In-a-Day® dental implants in Concord, CA. He can help you determine whether you are a good candidate for this innovative, permanent replacement for missing teeth.

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